Friday Favorites – Minneapolis Edition

you BetchaWelcome to this month’s Friday Favorites post – Minneapolis Edition. I’ve officially been in Minnesota for 2 months, and Minneapolis for 1 month. In that time I’ve done a solid amount of exploring. My adventuring self has already found multiple coffee shops, restaurants, walking paths. I decided to share which places made it to my favorites list so far.




  1. Martina Restaurant If you’re looking for amazing food & cocktails with elevated service…..GO TO MARTINA!!! I was blown away by the service from their wait staff, the quality of their food & beverages, and the ambience. Definitly worth spending the extra money for the experience.
  2. Local Roots If you’re from the San Francisco Bay Area and are familiar with Denicas, this place is the Minneapolis version of Denicas, but better! It serves amazing homey comfort food and fantastic coffee. It’s casual dining that supports the local community of Richfield (a suburb of Minneapolis). Their Cuban Sandwhich, and Pulled Pork Scramble and almond milk lattes are my favorite.
  3. Broder’s Italian Deli Miracle of all Miracles I found an authentic Italian Deli in Mineapolis. Who’d have thought it was possible in a land of Scandinavians! This place is the real deal to get fresh pasta, olive oil and Italian desserts. If you haven’t eaten fresh pasta before….YOU NEED TO. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Coffee Shops

  1. Peace Coffee Shop If Minneapolis had a version of hipster Oakland/Berkeley/Indie Coffee shops, this would be it. Peace makes fantastic pour over coffee and uses high quality beans. The ambience is a little too hippie dippie trippy for me, but the coffee is fantastic.
  2. Spyhouse Coffee This is my new favorite place. This is the place to get one of their lattes with a “punny” name, eat a locally made bacon croissant (yes, I did say bacon & homemade), and buy a bag of beans to bring home. Yes, the prices are higher, but this is a blog post about quality, not quantity. (insert HUGE run on sentences).

Misc. Suggestions

  1. Wild Rumpus Bookstore Some of you know that I LOVE a good bookstore. My retirement dream job would be to work in a fun bookstore. And this people, is a fun bookstore. Wild Rumpus is dedicated to childrens books with a few shelves for the grown ups in kids lives. It’s completely magical. There’s a castle looking fort with books inside, animals that wander loose around the store (mainly 2 cats and a random chicken), and a huge selection of books for all readers. I’ve been there twice already in the month I’ve been there. And let’s just say the books were for me, not my nieces and nephews.
  2. Minnehaha Falls & Park Minnesota is known for being the land of 10,000 lakes, and  3 of them are near my house. But did you know that the Mississippi River runs through the state? It runs right past my house in fact with some amazing walking trails. Sadly, I digress. Of the many lakes, parks, rivers and what not near my house, one of my favorite walks has been at Minnehaha Falls Park. This is a magnificent park with a beautiful waterfall and river that runs through it. It has some amazing walking trails that are super peaceful. And my dog Serena happens to love going on adventures here. If you like to take a scenic walk outside, this is the place for you.

If you’re from the Minneapolis are and you have a suggestion for a new adventure/experience for me, leave it in the comments. If you’re not from the Minneapolis area, I hope you’ll come for a visit. This city should definitely end up on your bucket list.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Minneapolis Edition

  1. Hey! I’m a friend of Ana’s (you worked with her at Nordstrom’ s). I met her when we went to the same school. I’m originally from northern MN and as much as I loved norcal I decided I would be able to live a better day-to-day life in MN. I’m still settling on my new home but I lived in the cities for over a decade so I have some restaurant opinions 🙂
    The Salty Tart for pastries
    Punch pizza for authentic Neapolitan pizzas
    Shueng Cheng for Chinese food
    Spoon and Stable for locally sourced food


      1. I grew up in Detroit Lakes but both my parents grew up in Duluth and until recently my grandparents lived in Hibbing so I’m familiar with the area. Is that mostly where you visited until you moved here?
        Right now I’m south in Rochester but I’m looking for jobs up north. I’m mostly focusing on Duluth and Fargo but when an interesting job pops up I go for it. The main reason I’m not looking in the cities right now is that I don’t want to deal with rush hour traffic (especially in winter) but who knows what the future will bring. I definitely love a lot of things there.


      2. Oh wow! What a small world! I moved out here because the cost of living and quality of life is better than in the Bay Area. My parents are still in CA, but my dad’s family is in Brainerd and in the suburbs around Minneapolis. I really like it here so far.


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